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Serving Charities

We assist charities so they can build financial security

We serve charities so that charities can do what they do best.

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Our Mission

Building stronger communities, by serving charities and securing lasting family legacies. We accomplish this by:

1) Serving charities, helping them to acquire large gifts that help secure long-term funding.

2) Helping individuals and families increase their
income and tax-efficiently move assets to their children.  This is accomplished by redirecting their tax dollars into charitable dollars to impact their local community and beyond.

3) Connecting trained financial advisors to charities. Our advisors are trained in innovative and cutting edge approaches to tax-exempt planning, and uniting them with charities who need their support.

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Our Impact

Why Formal Planning?

Today there are more than 1.8 million charities in the United States and 98% have no formal planned giving program.


Our Passion

Our passion is to help charities concentrate on carrying out their core mission without the daily concerns of funding.

We help charities learn how to solicit, attract, and tap into larger funding sources through tax-exempt planning.

With our help, charities can do this without incurring huge staffing and operational costs.

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“We were able to elevate planned giving as an integral and essential component of our overall development program at the Temple.”

-Jay Epstein at Stephen S. Wise Temple



"You have provided us with new ideas, new ways to identify planned giving leads, and a fresh perspective on how we can engage our planned giving prospects."

-Joseph Watkins at Pt. Loma Nazarene University



"We have been able to teach our children how to be generous, without 'giving away' all of their inheritance.  We were able to leave a legacy in many ways, both to our children and to a charity"

-Joe & Linda

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Next Steps

The Philanthropy International (PI) Charity team would love to talk with you about how your organization can take advantage of this program. Let’s talk to discuss how you can “get your fair share” of the planned gifts that are available!


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By filling out the form below, you take the next step in learning how Philanthropy International has the solution: a turn-key program designed to only take one-hour a week to implement and manage.  This program also includes a custom website.



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Today there are more than 1.8 million charities in the United States, of these, 98% have no formal planned giving program.

  • What is "formal planned giving"?
  • Is PI right for us?
  • Why do we need to work with an advisor?

We desire to "help you do what you do best." Contact us and ask a question.

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Few charities are equipped to handle the more complicated gifts often discussed in planned giving, and few have the  money and staff time necessary to start a planned giving program.

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