Philanthropy International

Working with a Professional Advisor


Educated & Trained

Professional advisors are often the most capable to discuss planned giving.
They are often well-trained, are required to continue in their education, and have strict guidelines placed on them through our national oversight organization, FINRA.  However, charities haven't know how to partner effectively with this community.

Philanthropy International searches for advisors throughout the country that are educated in the charitable market niche.  PI provides an opportunity for these advisors to partner with local charities to impact their community.

This advisor, once connected with a charity, provides the additional "staff" time and expertise needed to move into planned giving.

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Connecting Professional Advisors to Charities

Philanthropy International can provide you with a unique opportunity to work with a local charity, if you meet the criteria required. Your role is to act on their behalf educating their donors about charitable strategies.

If you have a connection with a local charity and desire to serve as a Charitable Planning Specialist, all that is needed is an introduction.  Philanthropy International will:

  • Approach a local charity on your behalf
  • Position you as the expert
  • Work in a triangle relationship with advisor and charity
  • Manage the workload and expectation the charity will have for the advisor
  • Create the marketing strategy and assist in implementation
  • Implement a strategy to get you in front of 50-100 of the charity’s top donors and supporters

Your Charitable planning specialist

A Charitable Planning Specialist (CPS) is an experienced financial professional with a passion for charitable causes.  Desiring the greater good they have dedicated a portion of their financial practice to serving as a volunteer planned giving officer for charitable organizations.    They are philanthropic in nature and have extensive experience in charitable and estate planning.

Each Charitable Planning Specialist must complete an application process for consideration to be a  Charitable Planning Specialist.  The application process evaluates the individual’s professional experience, experience working with charities, professional references, and their ethical commitment.